Meet Ellie. 

Ellie Coburn Photography launched in March 2014 out of a basement bedroom in Southern California. Since, Ellie has photographed hundreds of clients all over the world growing her company from a vision to a passionate, award-winning career.  

When Ellie is not taking pictures she is at home with her beautiful Irish twins born a year apart in August 2017 and August 2018. Motherhood is her greatest passion project and she loves that her career allows her the privilege of being home + on the road with her perfect babies.

When she’s not at home or behind the camera Ellie is extremely passionate about plant based living and empowering families to choose plant based alternatives to their personal and household products. She and her business partner Amanda Queen have built an entire community around this particular passion.

She works closely with the suicide prevention community and works alongside several public speaking agencies and non-profits to educate middle and high schoolers about the importance of kindness and acceptance.

She loves motherhood, her beautiful family, her incredible friends, and her rad clients.