Where are you located? 

I am a Southern California based lifestyle photographer servicing Los Angeles and San Diego. 

Are you available to travel? 

I am always and ever on the go. It's my most favorite thing to travel and traveling to you would be incredible! My travel fees (gas, airfare, and/or lodging) can always be calculated into your session fee.  

How much does it cost? 

Photography is an investment. I value your investment an incredible amount which is why I pride myself on providing affordable, beautiful photography. Please visit the investment page for more details. 

How far in advance should I book my session? 

Family and portrait session clients book 6-8 weeks in advance during the spring and summer months and 10-12 weeks in advance during the Fall and Winter months. Birth photography clients are advised to book 5-8 months in advance. Wedding photography clients are advised to book 8-14 months in advance.     

When is my payment due? 

Your payment and the contract that I send with your payment are due seven days prior to our session. This payment reserves your spot and serves as a session confirmation. If you fail to pay your invoice in full seven days prior to the session I reserve the right to cancel our time together -- so please ensure that your payment has been delivered successfully because I want to see your beautiful faces!! 

What should I wear to my family or portrait session? 

Awesome question! Ultimately, it's what you feel most comfortable in. These are your memories captured so I encourage you to wear what feels best. That said, I have created a Pinterest board for those looking for session outfit inspiration. 

How long will it take for my images to be returned to me and how will they be delivered? 

Family, portrait, and birth sessions are returned within 10 business days. Weddings are returned within 4 weeks. All images are delivered digitally via an online, downloadable album.  

What's copyright and can I have it? 

Copyright is an artist's right to be the exclusive legal owner of their work. So, no silly, you can't have my copyright. Your photos, hung on your wall or placed on your social media, will always be my art. That said, these photos ARE yours to print and share which is why I provide you with a print release. The print release says that you CAN print them dozens of times from anywhere you'd like, you can also share them freely on social media. However, a print release is not a copyright release. A print release does not give you permission to modify or re-edit my images. You also can't sell or share my images as your own. Fear not, these restrictions are all detailed in the contract and session guide delivered to you prior to your session. Don't sweat though, if you're concerned about freedom to print and share on social media - both of those things are provided to you with the print release at no additional fee!!  

What if my family doesn't fit the typical family mold? 

Ellie Coburn Photography loves families of all shapes and sizes. Come as you are and let me capture your beautiful love. While I am incredibly saddened that we live in a time that this isn't a given for all business owners, I am a proud supporter of the LGBT communities and happily service same sex families and couples.